Top 10 Best Freelancing Websites In Pakistan 2023

freelancing websites in pakistan

Wanna know the best freelancing websites in Pakistan in 2023? You are at the right place. In this blog post, we’ll cover the best freelancing websites in Pakistan that will help you to start freelancing in Pakistan and make money online.

Freelancing is the best online business in Pakistan without investment to make a passive income stream online. The freelancing industry in Pakistan has tremendous potential, with almost three million freelancers expected to be active by the end of 2022. It is estimated that these freelancers can earn more than $400 million in 2022.

Also, the Pakistan government has the eyes to earn $3 billion from freelance IT Exports at the end of 2024.

So keep reading the guide on top freelancing websites in Pakistan.

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What Is Freelancing In Pakistan?

Freelancing means working independently for any organization from home. Freelancers are part-time workers hired by businesses for a specific task for a specific time. Freelancing is the way especially for students to earn money online at home.

There are more than 5 Million students in HEC Recognized universities in Pakistan and according to the new report published by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics in 2022, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is 6.3%. That’s the reason freelancing in Pakistan is preferred to earn money online in Pakistan.

how to earn money from freelancing in Pakistan

Best Online Freelance Jobs In Pakistan For Beginners:

  1. Web development
  2. Android development
  3. E-commerce and Shopify store Creation
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Social media managerVirtual Assisitant
  6. SEO expert
  7. Video editing service
  8. Guest Posting
  9. Cyber security
  10. Artificial Intelligence

Curious to know about freelancing sites in Pakistan?

So, here they are:

10 Best Freelancing Websites In Pakistan:

So, Here is a list of the top 10 freelancing websites in Pakistan.



freelancing platforms in Pakistan – Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancing website in Pakistan having the mission to connect freelancers and individual talents with businesses and agencies. Upwork ranks among the best freelancing websites in Pakistan that offer you the opportunity to work with professional clients.

It’s a big marketplace that focuses on software development and marketing projects.

You can work with different companies along with other employees on a long-term basis. Freelancers can bid on the project by sending proposals and clients accept the proposal of that freelancer that is fit for his project.

Upwork charges a 20% service fee on your first  $500 project and a 10% service fee on $500 or $1000.

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best freelancing websites in Pakistan – Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular freelancing website in Pakistan that features broad categories including graphic design, web development, video editing, virtual assistant, and many more.

It is well known for its graphic design service where the world’s best freelance graphic designers provide their services around the globe. You can simply create your Fiverr account and list your services as a gig.

You can earn an average of $5 to $1000/month from Fiverr and there is no subscription fee.

You can hunt clients by using a Fiverr feature called Fiverr buyer request. You can write a client-converting buyer request on Fiverr to gab high-paying clients.

In Pakistan, You can receive payments from Payoneer because PayPal is not available in Pakistan.

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best freelancing websites in Pakistan – People Per Hour

Peopleperhour is another freelancing Platform in Pakistan that connects small businesses and freelancers all over the world. Based on popularity, it lies in the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan.

Like other Best freelance websites in Pakistan, People per hour charge a service fee per client. It charges a 20% service fee of $350. Fortunately, service fees decrease as you work more on this platform. The Annual Revenue of Peopleperhour has $1M to $5M. When we talk about the visitors, Peopleperhour has a figure 2M having a 40.83% of bounce rate.

freelancing websites in pakistan

freelancing platforms in Pakistan – freelancer is the most profitable freelancing website for finding a job related to web development, social media marketing, and content translation. You can get projects by bidding on different projects on this freelancing platform.

You can receive full payment after completing your projects. However, it takes 10% of your total earnings on fixed projects.

You can use Paypal and wire transfer to receive your payments. The advantage of using this website is the progress tracker and live support. But Unfortunately, There are many fake clients on



best freelancing websites in Pakistan – Guru is the best freelancing website that helps beginners set up their accounts. Freelancers can do programming, marketing, engineering administration, etc job. This freelance marketplace allows freelancers to connect with potential customers around the globe. This platform has a massive job of amount every day.

You can get a free membership plan to set up your profile but it has a paid membership plan has more tools to optimize your profile. Guru deducts 5% to 9% of the payment for your successful project completion.

You can receive payment from Paypal or wire transfer.



freelancing websites for students in Pakistan – 99designs

The best freelancing website for graphic designers to connect with their potential customers. It allows graphic designers and web designers to hunt clients. Top talented logo designers and web designers are available on this platform. After your account creation, you’ll be instructed to complete your profile and add your previous work. Your experience will be considered by the team as they review your application.

More the high level you achieve, the higher the chance of visibility on this platform. When you work with a new client, 99 designs can charge 100$ the introduction fee and service fees ranging from 5% to 15%. 



freelancing in Pakistan on Behance

Behance ranks in the list of the best freelancing websites in Pakistan especially for creative designers to show their work. It features some trending categories like graphic design, web design, mobile and app design, and illustration.

When you complete your Behance profile with great samples, Behance features your work and shows it to other like-minded professionals. You will get a positive response in the form of projects if your work earns feature spots.

Behance offers social media networks to connect with different designers. It also has a job, but you can’t find so many projects on your own. Behance doesn’t charge any service fee.



best freelancing websites in Pakistan – flex jobs

Flexjob is on the list of best freelancing websites in Pakistan that featured flexible and remote job opportunities. FlexJobs focuses on major categories including writing, content marketing, and transcription. Flexjobs ensure to list of legitimate jobs. That’s the reason, it uses to screen options and filter out scamming and fake companies.

You can find jobs on this platform to sign up for a subscription. It has four plans starting from 6.95/week.

Every plan has an unlimited access listing of jobs, along with personalized portfolio career advice, and free skill testingsYou can pay for a subscription with PayPal or a card.

Flexjobs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.



best freelancing websites for students in Pakistan – service escape

It is one of the best freelancing websites in Pakistan for beginners that offer video editing, translation, writing, and graphic design jobs. You can interact with clients via text message or by making a phone call. There is less competition on this freelancing platform, That’s the reason there is a chance for you to get more clients.

Servicescape charges a 50% fee on every job like video editing, translation, writing, and graphic design. You can receive your payment by PayPal, American Express, and bank transfer.

Work chest:


freelance website in Pakistan – work chest

Did you know Pakistan has a freelance website?

Workchest is Pakistan’s first freelancing platform founded by Hisham Sarwar to promote freelancing and Pakistan talent all over the world.

It focuses on all the major categories like SEO, Web development, Android Development, and Video Editing. You can easily join Workchest by filling out the simple Signup Form. It works on the bidding model, You can win a project by writing the best proposal post by the client.

The Average freelancer on Workchest can work for $20. However, the rate of freelancers depends on the job.

Wrapping Up:

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best freelancing websites in Pakistan that will help freelancers to make money from freelancing in Pakistan. Fiverr, Upwork to Workchest there is plenty of freelance platforms available for you to start freelancing in Pakistan.

You have the freedom to choose any freelancing website in Pakistan but we recommend you start freelancing on Fiverr because it’s the best freelancing website for beginners.

Which website is best for freelancing in Pakistan?

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best freelancing sites in Pakistan that will help you to make money online from freelancing.
However, Fiverr and Upwork are the two best freelance marketplaces for beginner freelancers in Pakistan to start freelancing.

How can I get freelance work in Pakistan?

There are many popular freelancing sites in Pakistan like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru and work chest where you can get freelance work in Pakistan. If you have still a query, about how you can start freelancing in Pakistan?
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Which site is best for beginner freelancers?

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best freelancing websites for beginners to start freelancing in Pakistan and make money online.
If you are a beginner and want to make money online from freelancing in Pakistan, we’ll recommend you start freelance work on Fiverr.

Who is biggest Pakistani freelancer?

Hisham Sarwar, founder of work chest and Infomist is the biggest Pakistani freelancer. He ranked in the top 10 freelancers in Pakistan and earns $1.4M from